Before Your Visit 

  • Services by appointment only, we will not be taking walk in appointments at this time.

  • If you are feeling any cold/flu symptoms, please do not come into the salon and reschedule your appointment. BC Covid-19 self Check

  • To keep the air quality of the salon as clean as possible, currently we minimize the acrylic and long / super long nail enhancement services where excessive filing is required. 

  • No early arrival , no late arrival '  To keep social distancing rules, our waiting area is closed. Please come in to the salon after you get" ready " text from us.  We are unable to accommodate late arrivals past 15 minutes as we only have limited staff, limited availability.

  • No magazines - please bring your nail art idea in your phone, or visit Glamnailstudio Instagram , Facebook .

  • No outside food or drink except for a bottled beverage with a cap.

  • Minimizing items brought into the salon such as shopping bags. 

  • With limiting number of guests at the salon, please refrain from bringing companions to your appointment.

  • Please wear a mask during the salon service. Disposable masks are available for purchase while supplies last.

When You Visit

  • Please wash hands before and after the service.

  • Please keep your jacket, bag(s) and other belongings with you during the service.

  • To avoid cross-contamination among our staff, we minimize our contacts with nail materials - sorry we cannot accept color, design change once we apply on your nails.

  • Our staff are BeautySafe certified nail techs. We practice high level of public hygiene.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience in helping us implement these new procedures.  For further information, please see the links WorkSafe BC safety guidelines.